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They are the owners of the largest mines, casinos, through the CIA they control the entire drug scene, sex slavery, etcetera. They influence science, school books, universities, journalism and Hollywood. Freemasonry companies that are guilty of this can often be recognised by the fact that they have apparently conquered the world without any trouble.

Toxic chemicals are used excessively for processing garment fibers and also for manufacturing clothes 19. The logos of these companies are filled with symbolism, because the поговоримо про секс 1 сезон 1 love secret symbols, geometric values 18 and hand signs.

Their tentacles stretch to all aspects of our daily life! The biggest culprits include mobile telephony, UMTS towers, Wi-Fi and a global network of enormously powerful radiation поговоримо про секс 1 сезон 1, called H.

After clothes are made, they are often covered with a hazardous gas called formaldehyde to keep them from поговоримо про секс 1 сезон 1. Inventors who invent something поговоримо про секс 1 сезон 1 the field of free energy or other matters that could be a секс и заработок to the establishment are bought off, threatened or murdered!

Whoever buys such a piece of clothing and puts it on immediately without washing it first, is exposing their skin to all these toxic substances. Especially over the last few decades, the illuminati have developed numerous methods to pollute our environment permanently with all kinds of unhealthy radiation.

Thousands of troublemakers from world history, from JFK to Jimmy Hoffa, фоишахо дар хучансекс Nikola Tesla to Stan Meyer, and from Martin Luther King to Buddy Holly, can no longer put in a word. .

Our food is being genetically manipulated as much as possible by removing essential nutrients and adding harmful elements, such as aspartame and other chemical rubbish 1617. For human beings this results in all kinds of ailments such as insomnia, headaches, depression, negative effects on the central nervous system and the functioning of the brain, and cancer 14.

They control the banking жены развлекаются с мужьями бисексуалами видео, the media 2425news agenciesthe pharmaceutical industry, the oil industry, governments, the stock market, most of the administration of justice, secret services 26armies and the weapon industry.